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Professional 3D drawing training

A 3D fish drawing class for passionate learners, Woodworking was established with the aim of improving skills as well as having a desire to go far in this field. 

The 3D drawing of goldfish made by WOODWORKING artist
  • You will receive a free fish drawing program, a curriculum prepared by Chinese artists and recompiled in Vietnamese and with images that are easy to understand. The syllabus has instructions for drawing a variety of fish from octopus and shellfish and aquatic species.
  • The course will teach the popular acrylic color drawing, easy to buy and especially for colors that are completely superior to other colored materials.
  • The course combines smoothly between theory and practice, taking students as a center.
  • You will study in groups, students interact, exchange directly with each other
  • Communicate directly with teachers right in the course.
  • WOODWORKING has a long-time lecturer in drawing fish and creating art.
  • Colored palm materials paint the classroom provides full supply.
  • Directly visit top-notch resin and fish products. At the same time receive sharing from experienced people ...
  • In addition to drawing fish, you can also experience many types of art from dirty resin, acohol ink.
  • At the end of the course, you will have a first-hand product.
  • After the course, the group members still continue to receive support to answer questions if any.


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