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Professional 3D drawing training

A 3D fish drawing class for passionate learners, Woodworking was established with the aim of improving skills as well as having a desire to go far in this field.    The 3D drawing of goldfish made by WOODWORKING artist   WHY YOU...

Small landscape, miniature - Diorama training

#WOODWORKING regularly opens miniatures, miniature models - Diorama professional Making miniatures, miniature models - Diorama is a way to build interesting, lifelike scenes in small spaces. Models often represent historical scenes, natural or fictional...

Course made of Epoxy Resin table - wood

#WOODWORKING is a rare factory in Vietnam implementing Resin tables in general and 3D fish painting in particular.       Why should you take the course?   - First of all, the time to do your own research will greatly...

Gọi điện: +84949995566