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Armrests wooden keyboard - resin

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The mechanical keyboard has an ergonomic design that helps users not get tired, shoulder and hand pains (experts call it "trauma") when using the keyboard for a long time. And the mechanical keyboard arm was born to take advantage of this design, which reduces the pressure on the wrist so you don't feel shoulder pain or hand fatigue when used.

Product introduction
In addition to protecting your health, the keyboard armrests can be highly personalized. You can customize your keyboard's armrests, for example, by engraving your team's logo, your favorite sayings, engraving your favorite name or symbol so that it becomes a nice decoration on the table. Your work or gift making is also extremely unique and meaningful.
In addition, wooden or resin keyboards are very easy to clean (much easier than the skin, of course), the surface is covered in glossy paint, so just wipe with a damp cloth and let dry as new.
Mechanical keyboard is a very useful element for your experience and health. If you've bought yourself a quality mechanical keyboard, the next accessory should be a wooden keyboard, or resin wood, which will be an extremely smart and stylish choice.
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