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Epoxy resin and beautiful resin wood tables

Origin of wood plastic (resin wood)
Plastic or resin wood was born from an Australian manufacturer when he found the remaining wood samples after making furniture such as dining tables, cabinets, doors ... if removing it would be very expensive. So he devised a way to combine it with a material called plastic to use this leftover wood sample.
You know, wood materials are now very expensive because they are becoming increasingly rare and wood is often very beautiful if used to make decorative materials would be good, high value.
What is wood resin or resin wood?
Plastic wood is a combination of Wood and Plastic. Wood is wood, everyone knows what Plastic is?
Plastic in the dictionary means plastic but this is a different type. Plastic is the common name for artificial synthetic resins. There are many types of resins, but what we mention here is Epoxy Resin, a widely used liquid resin.
Epoxy resins are widely used by safety, very high transparency, less foam, less wear, durability and good rigidity. Because Epoxy resin is a liquid and will harden with the help of solvents, people use the time when it is in liquid form so that it sticks, tightly covering the wood until it hardens and combines with the wood. . form a solid block. Can you imagine that it's like a specimen of a million-year-old creature buried in the Arctic ice sheet. The outer epoxy resin layer is used to wrap and protect the natural wood inside.
Epoxy resin has a very high level of transparency, so when frozen, it will look like glass, revealing beautiful wood inside. In addition, with epoxy, people can mix different colors to make it look like very colorful crystal blocks.
Highlights of epoxy resin:
- As clear as glass
- Pattern as beautiful as stone when combined with colors
- Sparkling like crystal
- Create the desired shape
- Combined with many ingredients
SPECIAL: Wooden plastic products are made by hand and use natural shaped wooden parts, so most of these products are UNIQUE unlike other wood plastic products. This feature is perfect for everyone's personality.
Epoxy resin table is a popular table, but it is beautifully decorated because of its glitter and resin. This is not a table with simple solid wood beams, but also combined with hard plastic beams, transparent as glass and sparkling as crystal.
Plastic wooden tables are more shiny than regular wooden tables because of the plastic coating. This table is not waterproof, it does not need protective glass on because the epoxy itself is very strong. Although table wood does not recommend blocks, this is a "naturally oriented" wood that has been pre-treated to avoid affecting its natural patterns. With a strong epoxy resin coating on the outside, you don't need to be afraid of termites or other biochemical effects, and this product is very durable.
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